I write a lot of software, some of it makes its way here where it's available for free.

atmos - minimalist retry-on-failure behavior for scala

A Scala library for describing retry-on-failure behavior using a concise, literate embedded DSL.

rummage - one-off scala utilities and tools

A Scala library that contains utilities that are too small and general to warrant their own package and/or artifact, but are too large, nuanced or handy to have around to be re-implemented over and over again.

The project currently contains only a flexible timer abstraction for scheduling delayed and repeating tasks.

sbt-ghreadme - use github readme files in your sbt-site

A SBT plugin that extends sbt-site by prepending YAML front matter to your github-style README files and including them in the generated site. This allows you to use the same documentation in multiple contexts without any manual duplication.